ScreenView is an activity monitoring software that records all keystroke typed and can take screenshots as frequently as one, per second. The program that does the spying job is stealth, small and best of all nothing can get pass it. ScreenView is based on Client-Server architecture and works in four different modes viz.

Recording Mode : In this mode, the desktops / screenshots along with the keystrokes of all / selected users are recorded date-wise.

Replay Mode : In this mode, the selected days recording is replayed, showing the activities that were performed by the users on their computers.

Control Mode : In this mode, the Client PCs can be operated from the SERVER just like your own PC. You can.

Above video is of an older version. For the latest version, please download demo copy.


screenshot screenview


ScreenView Consists Of Two Components viz.

Demo Version


Installation Instructions


This is a demo version of ScreenView. This demo version is fully functional except the following restrictions :
  • Duration of demo = 60 minutes.
  • Number of computers allowed = 4 CLIENTS and 1 SERVER.

System Requirements

  • Any Windows Platform (32bit).
  • Works only with Internet Protocol Version 4.0 (IPV4)
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