Optimizer for Rolls is specialized for determining the optimal nested layouts from the Roll(s), and ideal for job costing and planning. It finds application in varied industries such as sun film control, fabric cutting, soft luggage, etc.

The nesting technology is based on algorithms designed to optimize the cutting layouts. It provides high utilization layouts, significantly reducing the waste and maximizing productivity. Nesting saves time and shortens productions cycle.

It provides the optimum zigzag cutting layouts and lists what roll sizes that need to be ordered. Once you define your cutting job, the layout software requires just one mouse click to arrange the parts on appropriate stocks. It requires minimum skill and effort from the operator for generating the optimized layouts.

Above video is of an older version. For the latest version, please download demo copy.


screenshot optimizer for rolls


Demo Version



This is a demo version of Optimizer for Rolls - Nesting Software for Rolls / Coils. This demo version is fully functional except the following restrictions :
  • Allowed Sheet Varieties = 1.
  • Allowed Cut - Piece Varieties = 2.


  • Varieties are different from Sheet and Cut-Piece quantity. E.g. Size 645 X 540 is one variety; Size 790 X 445 is second variety.
  • For trying out a bigger combination you may type in the data in Optimizer for Rolls evaluation copy installed at your end and send the saved data file via email as an attachment. We shall optimize the data at our end and send back the results to you that can be viewed and printed with the evaluation copy of Optimizer for Rolls.

System Requirements

  • Any Windows Platform (32bit / 64bit).
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