Optimizer for Anyshape is the most powerful Profile Nesting Software for getting optimal nesting layouts with minimal waste. Optimizer for Anyshape is designed to automatically place rectangular or non-rectangular shapes in an optimal pattern.

It is suitable for cutting via a variety of processes, primarily Gas, Plasma, Oxy-fuel, Laser cutting. The nesting algorithm is designed to optimize both the material usage and the sequence of cutting.

Optimizer for Anyshape automatically optimize the placement of parts / profiles, on rectangular or non-rectangular sheets / plates of any material, including sheet metal, fabrics, leather, wood, etc.

Optimizer for Anyshape is a fully automatic True Random Shape Nesting Package, implying that it takes into consideration actual shape geometry, rather than treating each shape as rectangular block and laying them side-by-side.

Above video is of an older version. For the latest version, please download demo copy.


screenshot optimizer for anyshape


Demo Version



This is a demo version of Optimizer for Anyshape - For Profile Nesting. This demo version is fully functional except the following restrictions :
  • Allowed Sheet Varieties = 1.
  • Allowed Cut - Piece Varieties = 1.


  • Varieties are different from Sheet and Cut-Piece quantity.
  • For trying out a bigger combination you may type in the data in Optimizer for Anyshape evaluation copy installed at your end and send the saved data file via email as an attachment. We shall optimize the data at our end and send back the results to you, which can be viewed and printed with the evaluation copy of Optimizer for Anyshape.

System Requirements

  • Any Windows Platform (32bit / 64bit).
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