The most important part of any backup plan is that the backups are actually being performed. While most people have good intentions, they seldom backup their computers on a regular schedule. If you don't believe it, just ask your employees when was the last two times they backed up their computer and you'll see what we mean.

Instabak is a professional backup software that works on any TCP/IP based network without drive sharing with advanced backup methods flexible scheduling features.

Instabak is the most advanced backup solution that does not depend on the user to initiate the backup. It can be configured to fit your needs, and ensure that backups are performed on a regular basis. Backups can be started manually or set to run automatically on a schedule.

The Instabak server turns an ordinary PC into a powerful and fully automated network backup device.

The Instabak CLIENT runs conveniently on each user's computer to maintain a regular backup of important files to the backup server. These CLIENT and SERVER components work together to provide a simple automated backup solution for any number of users.

Above video is of an older version. For the latest version, please download demo copy.


screenshot instabak



Demo Version


Installation Instructions


This is a demo version of Instabak. This demo version is fully functional except the following restrictions :
  • Total PCs that can be backed up = 3.

System Requirements

  • Any Windows Platform (32bit / 64bit).
  • Works only with Internet Protocol Version 4.0 (IPV4)
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