e-Server when connected to a network in an organization, can act as an Internet as well as Intranet Mail Management System. All users in that network can send and receive messages through e-Server without having active Internet Connection on individual machines.

It provides real time monitoring of SMTP / POP3 Statistics, total active connections, total messages sent/received by all network users and ensures secure and dependable messaging.

e-Server has many options like auto / manual forwarding, re-queuing, auto responders, spam mail filtering, single internet account sharing facility with the help of which you can customize the entire message sending / receiving process to satisfy your requirements.

In short e-Server ensures faster, stable, secure and more easy-to-control mail sending / receiving, and thus it helps to save your time and money.

Above video is of an older version. For the latest version, please download demo copy.


screenshot e-server


Demo Version


Installation Instructions


This is a demo version of e-Server. This demo version is fully functional except the following restrictions :
  • Total Messages allowed = 200.
  • Maximum Number of users = 3.

System Requirements

  • Any Windows Platform (32bit / 64bit).
  • Works only with Internet Protocol Version 4.0 (IPV4)
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